Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is coming this next year...

Hello, everyone! Long time, no post! My heart really wasn't in writing on here this past year, but I don't want you to believe I forgot about you... because I didn't. I plan on getting a lot together for this coming year, though my adventure is going to be a different one. After nine years of teaching fourth grade at the same school, I am transferring to one of our district's magnet schools of science and math that has the gifted academy (which is called QUEST) housed inside of it. So for the 2013-2014 school year and beyond, I am teaching fifth grade gifted! Of course, exciting times like these come with a feeling of trepidation-- because I have never taught fifth grade, yet this whole other part of me is up for the challenge!

I plan on bringing my website back to life by creating some amazing resources for upper elementary educators.

And of course, I will keep blogging, posting as many ideas as I am able. Thanks for understanding my posts this year when I couldn't follow through and when I was gone for many weeks or months at a time.

Here is my new weblog for fifth grade-- 


  1. Oh, yay! I'm so excited that you're moving to 5th GT. I found your blog this past year while my daughter was in 4th grade GT. She will be in 5th grade GT in West Central Florida this fall. I'm so looking forward to all your creative ideas this year!

    1. Thanks, Karissa! It's my dream come true. I am considering opening a second blog because it's not the same grade level and it's a brand-new start. It'll be so cool knowing your daughter is in the same kind of learning environment as my students... I will really try to not let any of you down. I felt like I did this past year, actually! I kind of stopped making things, but now I am feeling inspired to do so again! :) - Victoria