Monday, December 1, 2014

Redirect to my new weblog...

To the readers of the Love4thGrade weblog, 

...Hi. When my old domain was hacked/technically "purchased" by a reseller more than a year and a half ago and was inundated with malware, this weblog had many links to my old website (and even some graphics through there). Today, I have done my best to rid of all that and write new links for some of the blog's greatest posts to my new weblog.

You may have heard I now teach fifth grade gifted math and science, so I started a new weblog that is Love5thgrade HERE. There are already nearly forty posts at that blog, and I feel it's eventually going to offer even more than this blog did.

I never had the opportunity to send you over, and I really, really hope you visit! I have written some neat new posts and am very excited about my second year as a fifth grade teacher (and eleventh year of teaching overall). I appreciate all the support you gave me while I had this weblog and hope that one will be blessed with great friends and ideas as well.

New weblog's URL: 

- Victoria

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