Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is coming this next year...

Hello, everyone! Long time, no post! My heart really wasn't in writing on here this past year, but I don't want you to believe I forgot about you... because I didn't. I plan on getting a lot together for this coming year, though my adventure is going to be a different one. After nine years of teaching fourth grade at the same school, I am transferring to one of our district's magnet schools of science and math that has the gifted academy (which is called QUEST) housed inside of it. So for the 2013-2014 school year and beyond, I am teaching fifth grade gifted! Of course, exciting times like these come with a feeling of trepidation-- because I have never taught fifth grade, yet this whole other part of me is up for the challenge!

I plan on bringing my website back to life by creating some amazing resources for upper elementary educators.

And of course, I will keep blogging, posting as many ideas as I am able. Thanks for understanding my posts this year when I couldn't follow through and when I was gone for many weeks or months at a time.

Here is my new weblog for fifth grade--